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Pulau Bintan, Indonesia

123456789101112Turbulent ferries, friendly locals, motorbike rides, crystal clear water and incredible bungalows over the water. An awe-inspiring get away, plus Chad got to ride the ostrich tree.


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Pulau Ubin

DSCF4824DSCF4763DSCF4830DSCF4797DSCF4805DSCF4806DSCF4843DSCF4848Images from a day trip to Pulau Ubin, an island off the north coast of Singapore which has been mostly undeveloped since the mid 1960s. Now a tourist destination for Singaporeans, you can find off-road biking, mangrove swamps, dense forest and wild fruit trees (including Durian, Rambutan(pictured) and Mangosteen.

A great day of cycling, local color and beautiful scenery.

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Enna seithi?

Ein bloggy Geschenk für den lieben Professor Erik Brandt. (please excuse my poor german)


A Geotypografika inspired post:

A bottle cap sketch.

A similar example of Erik Brandt’s findings in Human Rebranding, though it may just be a replacement of the original Toyota lettering.

Finally, a very intimidating rabbit-with pipe. Located in Haw Par Villa.

Terima kasih!

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Recent Acquisitions

DSCF4733DSCF4739DSCF4742DSCF4743DSCF4744I came across this set of Our Pocket-Books of Knowledge in a bargain-bin of sorts at a used book store in Kampong Glam (Arab Quarter). They were printed in 1969 and put out by the Times Educational Company of Malaysia.

I couldn’t find the whole set, but i’m keeping my eyes peeled.

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Compare N Contrast

Papyrus, meet Papyrus

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Student Promo Materials-NAFA & LaSalle

An Array of student business cards:




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Paranoia & Grand-Openings@NAFA & LaSalle


So I planned on attending the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Design & Media Diploma Show (entitled “Paranoia“); so I did-and it was great! While meandering through the student’s work I chatted with a few locals, Jonathan and Clayee, both current students at NAFA. Not only did I get some valuable insight into being a design student in Singapore, but they also told me about another opening that evening at the LaSalle  College of Fine Arts just down the street! So after viewing all of the awesome publications and media work at NAFA, I walked down the street to find out that not only was LaSalle having an exhibition opening, it was also the grand opening of their new facility! Even though I didn’t have an invitation, I was kindly invited in for a posh array of food and drink (Thanks Crispian!)

Overall, the work at both institutions was outstanding and abundant! I had no idea that there was such a large design community in Singapore and after chatting with an interactive major found out more on how the design programs here work:

  • Design schools in Singapore do not have in-house printing services! It is up to the students to go out on their own to satisfy their print needs. I’ve realized we are extremely lucky at MCAD to have such an awesome Service Bureau, but wonder if we aren’t losing valuable experience working with real-world printers?
  • The design program is very integrated, especially at LaSalle. Here, fashion designers, web/multimedia designers, publication designers and illustrators all work side by side to create a coherent, fully integrated design community. (btw fashion design is a HUGE program @ LaSalle).
  • The ways in which the work is exhibited is very unique. At NAFA, each student not only had the chance to place their printed works on pedestals, but also had a video screen on which to show a slideshow of their portfolio. Each screen had a hand-made individualized box for not only dispersing the student’s card, but receiving cards from prospective employers as well. At LaSalle, the design exhibition had a “theme” of cardboard accordions that held the work, the exhibition almost had a convention feel as it took place in one large room with no internal walls.

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