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Pulau Bintan, Indonesia

123456789101112Turbulent ferries, friendly locals, motorbike rides, crystal clear water and incredible bungalows over the water. An awe-inspiring get away, plus Chad got to ride the ostrich tree.

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Enna seithi?

Ein bloggy Geschenk für den lieben Professor Erik Brandt. (please excuse my poor german)


A Geotypografika inspired post:

A bottle cap sketch.

A similar example of Erik Brandt’s findings in Human Rebranding, though it may just be a replacement of the original Toyota lettering.

Finally, a very intimidating rabbit-with pipe. Located in Haw Par Villa.

Terima kasih!

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Recent Acquisitions

DSCF4733DSCF4739DSCF4742DSCF4743DSCF4744I came across this set of Our Pocket-Books of Knowledge in a bargain-bin of sorts at a used book store in Kampong Glam (Arab Quarter). They were printed in 1969 and put out by the Times Educational Company of Malaysia.

I couldn’t find the whole set, but i’m keeping my eyes peeled.

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Haw Par Villa

“Famed as the Tiger Balm Kings from Rangoon, the former capital of present day Myanmar, the Aw brothers moved their business to Singapore in 1926 and achieved great heights.


While expanding their business empire was important, Aw Boon and Aw Boon Par believed that one should contribute to society.


In 1934, Boon Haw had a unique vision of a grand mansion and gardens for his dear brother and Haw Par Villa was born. besides giving the best that money could buy, his noble aim was to immortalize and share the moral values behind the various meaningful Chinese legends by decorating the grounds.


Haw Par Villa opened its doors in 1937. They allowed the public to visit to preserve Chinese heritage by educating the younger generation on important lessons in life. The mansion, along with the three-dimensional sculptures and figurines were colourful, life-like and intriguing. It cost more than a million dollars to build and was packed with visitors every weekend and holiday.”

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Red Dot Design Museum



With locations in Germany and Singapore, the Red Dot Design Museum showcases award winning product design and concept designs meant to streamline society. Many of the award competitors were students currently in school. From the Red Dot Design SG website:

The red dot award: design concept answers these questions by inviting the most talented designers and most progressive companies from all over the world to submit their best design ideas to rigorous adjudication process.

Each year, an independent panel of jury gather at the red dot design museum in Singapore to meticulously scrutinize each entry to the competition. Through a series of examination and debate, exceptional design concepts are identified and awarded with the international coveted “red dot”. 

This seal, a mark of excellence, sends a strong and indisputable signal that demands attention to both the design concept and designer.”


Everything from interactive LED bathtubs, disposable (recycled) emergency housing, health products to repurposed plastic bottles as building materials are present in the museum. A good look at the near future of product design and well-designed gadgetry.

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Jurong Bird Park

For a mere s$18, we were allowed a glimpse into Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park. While Neither Chad nor I have any vested interest in Ornithology, we thought it would be an interesting and educational way to spend an afternoon. Pictured above from left to right: Saddle-bill Stork, clearly illustrated cautionary signage, Pink Flamingos, Puffin signage sponsored by Penguin books (David Pearson would be proud), Chad in a cage (sign reads “The world’s most dangerous creature”), Jurong Bird Park’s Signage system (Pacific North West, anyone?), Pelican and Pelican pictogram signage. Not a bad day, just so many birds!

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For Sonja…

Mashed potatoes…in a cup.



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Student Promo Materials-NAFA & LaSalle

An Array of student business cards:




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