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Pulau Bintan, Indonesia

123456789101112Turbulent ferries, friendly locals, motorbike rides, crystal clear water and incredible bungalows over the water. An awe-inspiring get away, plus Chad got to ride the ostrich tree.

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Pulau Ubin

DSCF4824DSCF4763DSCF4830DSCF4797DSCF4805DSCF4806DSCF4843DSCF4848Images from a day trip to Pulau Ubin, an island off the north coast of Singapore which has been mostly undeveloped since the mid 1960s. Now a tourist destination for Singaporeans, you can find off-road biking, mangrove swamps, dense forest and wild fruit trees (including Durian, Rambutan(pictured) and Mangosteen.

A great day of cycling, local color and beautiful scenery.

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Recent Acquisitions

DSCF4733DSCF4739DSCF4742DSCF4743DSCF4744I came across this set of Our Pocket-Books of Knowledge in a bargain-bin of sorts at a used book store in Kampong Glam (Arab Quarter). They were printed in 1969 and put out by the Times Educational Company of Malaysia.

I couldn’t find the whole set, but i’m keeping my eyes peeled.

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Elephas maximus


mom + dad + elephant

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Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

An unbelievable side trip taken to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand with The Parents, who were so kind to pay a visit!

Long tail boats, pristine beaches, wildlife, native village, authentic thai cooking and snorkeling.

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Macaques to be Exact

Above: A few encounters with Singapore’s resident primates, both in the wild and up close and personal.

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Haw Par Villa

“Famed as the Tiger Balm Kings from Rangoon, the former capital of present day Myanmar, the Aw brothers moved their business to Singapore in 1926 and achieved great heights.


While expanding their business empire was important, Aw Boon and Aw Boon Par believed that one should contribute to society.


In 1934, Boon Haw had a unique vision of a grand mansion and gardens for his dear brother and Haw Par Villa was born. besides giving the best that money could buy, his noble aim was to immortalize and share the moral values behind the various meaningful Chinese legends by decorating the grounds.


Haw Par Villa opened its doors in 1937. They allowed the public to visit to preserve Chinese heritage by educating the younger generation on important lessons in life. The mansion, along with the three-dimensional sculptures and figurines were colourful, life-like and intriguing. It cost more than a million dollars to build and was packed with visitors every weekend and holiday.”

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in a drawer



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