back in action…

and hard at work!

Behold…the first ads released for the up and coming Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair.

I’m in the process of creating a system of posters, spec ads, web animations and other print collateral for the Spring 2010 Home Improvement fair. We decided to go a different route this year…power tools and raw materials-using a bit of a throwback to wood-block poster design and wood burning. This was my first stab at creating ANY version of web-applied design, and it’s even got a spot of animation! (I know it’s just a Gif, but gimme a break, I’m a print guy…)

The ads can also be found here.


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2 responses to “back in action…

  1. andy! that red one is so cute! i love the texture!

    • aisforandy

      Yeah, when they formatted it for the web they messed up a little of the type-the “saturday march 13th” part should be snugged up to the dotted rule line above it. But thanks! I’m happy with it!

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