settle down

We’re getting a bit more familiar with the area, and we got our new apartment! I haven’t taken pics yet, but they’re on my to-do list.

Some of the things I’ve done so far (while Chad is working): 

  • Sweated my butt of hiking to Fort Canning Park-former site of forbidden ancestral ruins (Malay), botanical garden, and WWII military base against the invading Japanese forces. Now houses an archaeological dig site, herb garden, theatre venue and a host of bird species that like to drop nuts and berries and/or poo on your head.
  • Have already experienced Malay, Thai, French, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines-all authentic…very authentic.
  • Checked out a few of the ridiculously numerous shopping malls…peeps luv to get their shop on here…seriously. They make the MOA look like a toy store.
  • Ventured with Chad to Chinatown…where we were offered custom tailored suits by at least 15 shady characters. I promise I will come back to America in a white linen suit with pink satin lining.
  • Explored the Singapore Botanic Garden, complete with a modest swath of rainforest, palm garden, swan lake, bonsai garden and orchid propagation garden. The amount of work that goes into not only creating custom orchid hybrids, but maintaing and cultivating the gardens is amazing.
  • Inquired about studio tours at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and was REJECTED. They weren’t feeling me I guess. I’ll be attending an opening on Wednesday for their Graduates in Design, so hopefully I can rub elbows and meet some local students.

All of this AND MORE will soon be on my fantastically confusing (for now) Flickr site. I’m still working on it, so bear with me-but I think I’m coming up with some pretty awesome images.

Miss you guys!


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5 responses to “settle down

  1. Ahh, what an amazing opportunity! Singapore! Enjoy your travels, and totally sneak your way into the Fine Arts Academy… and if you get yelled at, just pull the confused American card. Works like a charm, ha!

  2. mom

    could you please get light blue lining instead of pink . luv mom

  3. By the way, that swallow on the matchbook you found has a history! See this from Harmen Liemburg some time ago:

  4. Julie

    Andy this is so cool! Sounds like you have been up to so much fun stuff, I can’t wait to read more 😀

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