These requests are made to protect you as well as your family.

As promised, more info on that whole swine-flu quarantine thing.

While on our way to Japan, there was news of an outbreak of H1N1 at japanese highschools in Osaka and Kobe. We were given health information cards to fill out, basically asking where we were coming from and going, and if we had encountered anyone who was ill or if we were showing symptoms ourselves. Upon arrival in Tokyo-Narita, our plane was held while health officials (fully decked out in bio-hazard gear) collected the forms, drilled certain passengers, and scanned us with thermal sensing equipment to indicate fevers. The whole experience was a bit surreal, though understandably necessary. After we were cleared, we were given the yellow forms stating that we were not infected and could clear the quarantine. 

The language on the forms was disturbingly familiar to something you might see in an..I don’t know…George Orwell or Aldous Huxley novel?


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