rejected_roomJust to fill you guys in on the DRAMA surrounding the acquisition of our apartment:

So when we left the airport we took a taxi to the apartment that was booked for us..and it was freaking amazing-like the fanciest resort you could ever imagine. Well…long story short, they had no booking for us and were like “so, why are you here then?” (fyi it was 2 something in the morning). We had no printed documentation of the reservation, and no numbers to call. There had been a confirmation email earlier that week saying everything was fine. (thus we shipped our crate full of our belongings to the address). They let us use their wireless internet, and it turns out that the day we left (monday) the booking agent had sent chad an email (while we were on the plane) saying that Chad’s new company in Singapore had rejected our request for the apartment and rebooked one somewhere else. Needless to say, we were tired, hungry, mentally exhausted and P.O.ed.. So they called us a taxi, loaded all of our luggage and sent us off to a -let’s just say- substantially less-ridiculously-nice apartment. But, it’s all good. We were expecting the Porsche, and we were given the 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity-complete with redesigned tail lights for a sleeker look, as well as Sport Ralley rims, blacked out trim, a sporty steering wheel and a heavier duty suspension.

We’re sort of settled in, but we’re going to look at other apartment options later this week. Bottom line: no laundry, smaller less equipped kitchen, tiny lofted bedroom(no privacy) and a few ¬†unidentifiable bugs (mostly in the kitchen/lower level, not bedbugs).

I had a pastry this morning that I thought would be sweet but instead was filled with canned tuna….

go figure.




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3 responses to “Rejected!

  1. boo! good luck with the apartment situation! that sucks!

    • aisforandy

      I know…after further evaluation, it’s not so bad…the grounds are really nice (pool, gardens, etc)…but the rooms have seen a little wear and tear.

  2. Auntie Mim

    It’s a good thing Opie is not there! I’m sure he would not like the bugs!
    Sounds like you had quit a time getting all tucked in.

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